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We care as much as you do

We, humans are blessed with a wonderful organ called the Brain. Unfortunately we are unable to exploit it to its full potential. However different methods have been devised over the years to tap this hidden talent. While these methods do not utilize this most important organ to its fullest, but are extremely helpful in optimizing its performance.

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About Smart Brain, Pakistan

We human beings are blessed with a wonderful organ called the brain with a tremendous potential. But unfortunately this organ is not used to its full potential. Even then the collective wisdom of mankind has made tremendous gains over the past centuries through innovations in science evolve and develop better techniques and fashion improved artifacts. These advances, where they have made our lives more
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Vision & Mission

To set a benchmark in contribution towards better children development through the abacus. To develop the brain to become more effective and to explore hidden talent in the little ones. At Smart Brain we want to create smart minds through different techniques. Our mission is to : Enhance learning skills Increase concentration level Ensure speed and accuracy in calculations Tendency to bring creativity in
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Product Highlights

Students perform calculations with amazing speed and accuracy. Reactions are improved by stimulating both sides of the brain. Increased exploitation of human brain resources and unlocked talents. Improved concentration and absorption powers. International Certification: International certificates will be awarded to participants who achieve excellent performance and will be selected to represent individual countries for worldwide competitions.